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Facts: The Legacy Distribution Process

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Steps after departure

  1. If there are instructions left behind for organ donation, contact National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC)

  2. Obtain medical certificate from physician/hospital on cause of death

  3. Contact bereavement care adviser/centre

  4. Inform friends and relatives

  5. Arrange for obituary placement in newspapers (optional)

  6. Locate identification papers of deceased for death registration

  7. Report death (within 24 hours) at police station for burial clearance

  8. Obtain copy of burial permit for death registration

  9. Register death (within 7 days) and obtain death certificate from National Registry Department (make 10 certified true copies for various claims)

  10. Locate Will, trust deed and other estate succession documents

  11. Contact estate planner

  12. Contact digital facilitator for retrieval of digital assets if needed

You could keep a list of your digital assets in your Will or with your Digital Facilitator and, separately, keep access keys and passwords (including access for PC or any encrypted device) with a safe known only to your executor.

13. Locate insurance policies/contact insurance agent

14. Locate safe deposits keys and documents of title

15. Locate valuables ad list who are in possession

16. Contact executor

17. Collect and submit to him relevant data, titles and other documents

18. Contact guardian (where there are minors involved)

19. Contact protector (if applicable in a trust)

Benefits of writing a Will

Exercise your right to appoint your choice of Executor, guardian & Beneficiaries

You decide who, when and how to distribute your assets

No sureties/ guarantors required

Faster distribution & cost savings

You can set up Testamentary Trust to provide for your minor children/ elderly parents/ disable beneficiaries

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