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Estate Planning

A plan for who will look after your children and what should happen to your assets, if something happens.

Also includes the staples of an Estate Plan to specify health care wishes and final arrangements with customized and state-specific documents that reflect your wishes.


The Flow for granting of Probate.png

Grant of Probate is issued by the High Court to the named Executor(s) in a Will. Once the Grant of Probate has been issued, the Executor(s) named in the Will is authorized to administer the estate.

Adaptation of real people and real events, a warm interpretation of "Going Home" for you! Don't let regrets happen and plan for the future for your little ones early.

Don't go for cheap but go for quality as cheap plan may lead to expensive mistakes.

For example if you are receiving wrong advice from untrained agent, or important documents misplaced because of the lack of system and experienced staff, the consequence could be burdensome to your loved one especially Cheap plan do not provide after sale service and follow up. 

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